This house is built on the idea of interweaving public and private spaces that melt into outside and inside of the building; a concept that offers a unique living experience.

To create a house that has naturally lit interior spaces while connecting external and internal spaces that flow with each other seamlessly, we decided to break the classic double border inside-outside model to allow light to permeate into the building while offering stunning outdoor views.

The Project is located in Iran,13 kilometers east of Nowshahr city, Dezdak village which is between the Caspian Sea coastline and the northern forests of the Alborz Mountain range.

This Building is situated on a plot of land measuring 12 x 40 meters with a north-south extension, in an area with a one-of-a-kind landscape. From the south, the mountains and forests of Nowshahr can be seen. From the top floor of the building in the north, the sea can be seen. Plus, to the east, the quaint rice paddies are also visible. The majority of the buildings in this region are no higher than one- or two-story structures with classical gabled rooftops.

The key character of this dwelling is maximum visibility while using all its potentials.

Since this site has a pronounced typology, the house accommodates the existing common forms without modifications while respecting the height range of the neighborhood to achieve homogeneity with its surrounding context.

In this project, we arranged the different functions of the building through maintaining the original framework of the form.

In addition to spatial division, by moving through the building, each sequence provides a different view of other spaces. The name of the house is the credit of this theme which is the unique views of the project.

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Didaar House

Location > Nowshahr, Iran
Client > Mohammad Hassan Mazloumi
Design Year > 2020
Area > 400 sqm
Floors >3
Status > built

Principal Architect > Mohsen Tajeddin

Design Team > Delaram Didehvari, Hannah Khademi, Amin Izadpanah, Dorsa Harandian, Mahyar Tasallot, Saeed Moradian

Construction > Behdad Heydari (Saakhtaar Co.)

Photography > Deed Studio

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