Our Maah-Jangal Villa, located in the Maah-Jangal city district in Noshahr, Mazandaran, is one of the villas designed in Challenge Studio in a minimalist style. The white color, tall and wide consoles, seamless surfaces, and simplicity in volumes are features that transform this villa into a remarkable structure among the lush green trees.

Considering the project’s location in the forest area and the abundance of trees on the site, it was decided to preserve the natural texture of the land and the neighborhood by studying the layout, type, and size of the trees. The villa’s placement is designed to cause the least damage to the surroundings.

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Maah-Jangal Villa

Location > Nowshahr, Iran
Client > Amir Afrouzi
Design Year > 2022
Area > 450 sqm
Floors > 2
Status > Under Construction

Principal Architect > Mohsen Tajeddin

Design Team > Mahta Afshari, Shirin Haghi Pour, Amirali Zolfaghari, Sana Moqimi,

Samin Moqimi, Dorsa Harandian, Farbod Hassani, Yasaman Zarei

Architecture is inherently a challenge.

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